Zmart, Zmarter, Zmartcom.

I started working with Zmartcom during 2015. It might seem like a no-brainer. Zmart equals lightbulb, right?
And yes it actually was. So my mission was simple (for once!) a cool lightbulb that has the coolness to stand alone as a logo aswell as with the company name and tagline. With a little inspiration from the great Jobs, the apple logo was my muse. The different colours makes it pretty easy to use the logo and it’s colours in a funny and versatile way.

Founded in 2015, Zmartcom is a telecom agency with expertise in telecommunications and related IT. They’ve partnered up with companys such as Telia, TDC, 3 and more.

The Work.
Setting the visual direction of their brand, crafting the logo and graphic guidelines.



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