You think big, you get big.

That was the motto when i started working with Seebear & Oceanbird mediahouse. It began with a simple idea to combine the two big Loves of their lifes, Sports and production. Within a couple of months of pitching their ideas everything really took of. Over night their deals went from idea to production. Just some miner things.. Like a website, a name, some thought behind the brand… Right.. Brand.. That’s a pretty important thing.  So, smart guys as they are they threw the assignment to create everything needed for a brand, out in various social media plattforms.

To make a long story short, i pitched my idea to Seebear & Oceanbird and long behold i got the job. After some trial and error, we found our way with the visual direction and started creating, building, painting and correcting and Voilá!
We got there and we are pretty damn happy over the results!

Founded in 2016, Seebear & Oceanbird may look lika newbie in the media industry, but this production company has gotten a flying start! They have already produced documentaries for Cmore Sport, Dplay and Kanal 5 and has a lot in store for 2017.
What the business would call, a rising star.

The Work.
Setting the visual direction of their brand, crafting the logo, graphic guidelines, social media strategi and building their website. 

Get to know them.

Supercoachen och jag


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