An offer you can’t refuse!

And how true that was! My fourth job as a freelancer and i was on the verge to fall of my chair when i got the offer from Resturant Danilo. The best jobs is the ones that lands in your lap, agree? A happy customer is (obviously) much likely to recomend you to friends, collegues, business partners and what not. That’s exactly what happend when i got a very exciting project and the oppurtunity to work with Restaurant Danilo.

They where in the process of opening and building their second restaurant at Kungsgatan, Gothenburg when i got the question.They wanted to work with storytelling and design that would be printed on grease paper and placed on a cutting board for their oh so popular burgers. This was a real dreamjob for me, getting to really challenge myself with illustrations, storytelling, copyrighting and the fact that it would be printed in 27,000 ex! 

After a meeting and a brief that said, this is our thoughts – four bullet points, some pages about Restaurant Danilo and then a pat on the shoulder and the question; ‘See you in two weeks?’  Yes, sir! I said and skipped out. The result is a combination between telling the story about Danilo, information about the new restaurant and off course some illustrations to complement the text.

Founded in 2010, Resturant Danilo & Bar has since the succés in SF Bergakungen opened in Kungstorget with the winning concept of simple, good food with a great mix of influences from USA, Asia and Italy.

The Work.
Illustration, copy, storytelling and print  

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