Everything from scratch in an environment where old and confidently meet tomorrow’s design.

Founded in 2015, PIGA is the new kind of wine & food bar where you are as comfortable alone as in company. It is comfortable, ample and very nice to visit a modern maid.

One of the partners, Marja Johansson reached out to me in the early stages of the project. I met with two very cool, strong and goalfocused women who had a cristal clear vision what they wanted for their brand. The name PIGA where to describe they way they made all the food from scratch, authentic, well-made and delioucius food. The kind of food yur grandma cooked for you, no cheating. Great! We had a clear concept and my creative mind went back two centurys in time. Until they said; “But you need to give it a modern touch as well”.  Yeah, it’s never that simple.. But what’s a challenge without some twists, huh?

To get to the good part, a couple of weeks later we met again. From the early stages of drawing to the end result, there was (fortunately) light years apart. You know when you just get that break, the creative break after doing the same (bad) thing over and over again? Well, i was pretty sure i had hit the mark with my design. Luckily they thought the same and the PIGA  brand was born!

Founded in 2015, PIGA has recived outstanding reviews from both customers and food critics such as GP. If you haven’t visit them yet, boy you’re in for a treat! Marja Johansson is opening her second restaurant during 2017 and will be located in the NK hpuse in central Gothenburg.

The Work.
Setting the visual direction of their brand, crafting the logo, print and graphic manual.

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