Live free or die trying.

Maybe we won’t go to that extreme, however the message isn’t all that crazy. Taking care of the one body we have to live in is
p-r-e-t-t-y important. Free4Life is a wellness and massage company that works with massage, coaching and personal training

What do we have? Nothing! Now, that’s exciting in my book. To take a company who is well known by the mouth-to-mouth method and introducing it to the world wide webb. Not beacuse Free4life needed more clients, but beacuse it had a need to meet it’s client on the webb. So the old logo had to remain some of it’s recognition but updated to give a fresh and modern look. Applying a gradient background colour gave it some ‘Umph’ wich is well needed since the owner is a real cool girl and wanted that attribut to be seen in the brand.

Founded in 2000, Free4life has well over a decade of experience and has made a name of itself and work with clients like Okidoki, Nordea, Arbetsförmedlingen, Skandia and more.

The Work.
Setting the visual direction of their brand, crafting the logo, graphic guidelines, giftcards and website. 

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