The art of crafting.

Handmade with love. That’s how owner and designer of Ellebasi Accessories describes her jewellery. When we met she had been selling her design in chosen shops around Gothenburg for three years. Her jewellery was seen on different celebritys on tv and the demand on opening a webshop was a must. She had the name and a vision of what the brand stood for. So we got to work on creating the website and my first webshop. When we launched the orders kept coming in and a year after the launch Ellebasi had an 53% increase in sales. 

Founded in 2012, Ellebasi Accessories has since the start grown and is now in six different stores around Gothenburg. The webshop contributed to an increase in sales.

The Work.
Setting the visual direction of their brand, crafting the logo, different print and website. 

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